Writing articles is a lot of fun, but when you have no ideas itโ€™s not as great. If you need some article ideas then youโ€™ve come to the right place, just read on!

1.Morning/night routine
2.Beauty tips
3.How to be more organised
4. 20 facts about me (You can adjust the number to your liking)
5.Top things i can't live without
6. What to do when your bored
7. Spring/seasonal Bucket list (Iโ€™ll be doing one of these soon)
8. Write a Recipe
9. Travel essentials
10. How to properly pack a suitcase
11. Writing tips
12. Girly life hacks
13. School hacks
14. Diy projects
15. Lookbook (Iโ€™ll also be doing one of these soon so make sure you tell me what style you want!)
16. Write about your most embarrassing moments
17. Photo ideas
18. Article ideas, haha
19. Your favourite quotes
20. Give some advice on something you know about
21. 10 things Iโ€™ve learnt this year.

So, what are you waiting for? Lets get writing!.....but maybe you could heart this article first???