Hiiiiii! 🌵 You maybe understood looking at my feed that I love the fashion world and in particular I'm obsessed with models and their lives. I would love to be a model but I am too short... short sad story, literally 🤦
So the followings are my favorite models:

Romee Strijd

romee strijd, celebrity, and model image fashion, model, and romee strijd image
She's my baby, love her body and her spirit. And how cute is her smile?!

Bianca Balti

Image by Antonia Nisip Image removed
Bianca is a living goddess in the fashion industry, amazing and cute human being (and she's italian like me! I feel at home looking at her)

Bella Hadid

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I adore Bella's lips and posing, she's fierce and I love her badass street style

Greta Varlese

chanel, italian, and model image chanel, italian, and locarno image
Not as big in the industry as the ones I mentioned before, but she has a killer look and so much potential in photoshoots (and yes, she's italian)

Sian Lilly

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Have you seen those LIPS? I can't stop looking at her features and I also love her style, inspiring

Karlie Kloss

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Karlie is an icon, with values and she is so much talented. Her lifestyle is a very healthy and balanced one to follow
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Hope you liked my article! 🌺
Lots of love
Fede 💜