Hey guys ! So today, I decided to do a "this is her" challenge, I haven't seen one yet, so maybe I've invented it ! Feel free to do the same, with him too ! So I'm going to do the "this is me" challenge but with my lil sister. I may do this with my parents, my bestfriends....

⇴ Style

black, style, and bombers image fashion and style image nike, shoes, and black image Temporarily removed

⇴ A color

Image by Classical hell aesthetic, alternative, and art image neon, beyond, and aesthetic image purple, aesthetic, and tumblr image

⇴ Passions

Image by ε=ε=ε=? background, pool, and homescreen image bff, girls, and friends image Temporarily removed

⇴ Animal

cat, dog, and animal image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Image removed

⇴ Personality

quotes, life, and be image anime image quotes, beauty, and personality image yellow, quotes, and aesthetic image

⇴ Quotes

Inspiring Image on We Heart It happy, be happy, and colors image quote, believe, and pink image fall, fly, and quotes image

⇴ Mind

life, positive, and quotes image

⇴ Aesthetics

summer, friends, and water image fireworks, aesthetic, and burgundy image Image removed animal, animals, and black image

⇴ A Movie

star wars and stormtrooper image star wars, rey, and daisy ridley image star wars, luke skywalker, and darth vader image Image removed

⇴ Nationality

couple, frankreich, and nacht image Temporarily removed architecture, buildings, and city image france, paris, and street image

⇴ Appearence

eyes, green, and eye image blond and style image girl, fashion, and black and white image Temporarily removed

⇴ Zodiac

alternative, gemini, and guitar image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed anna, aquarius, and ariel image

Here it is ! I did not put everything but yup... So to explain : My lil sister : Her name is Cloé (chloey) and she's 10 (11 on May the 29th). She swims for now 4 years so she has ABS AND A FIT BACK GUYS !!! YUP SHE'S A 2007 AND SHE HAS MORE ABS THAN US....

Anyway, love you guys ♥♥