I know you see all those Instagram hashtags that say #travelmore and you are like, with what money? Or those Instagram travel vloggers who just live their lives and experience the world. I always see these things around, and I am still like “FML” because I can’t afford shit. Well during all those years of jealousy, I thought about the five most precious places that I will love to travel to and decided to share it with you.

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1. Munich, Germany

The main reason, I want to explore Munich, is because it’s the only place I can afford. I have family there which is fantastic because I will have a place to crash, food to eat and people to explore with plus the place is beautiful (only seen through pictures).

Image by Chisom Alaoma
2. Toronto, Canada

This one is kind of stupid because I live in Canada and can go to Toronto anytime. I live 2 hours away from the place. Rather than money, I think this is the fault of laziness and the unwillingness to do things to better my life.

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3. Paris, France

Love Love Love. All you need is love.
When I think of Paris like everybody else, I think of love, fashion, and Kalash (French rapper) but mostly love. I am not an unrealistic person; I don’t think I will fall in love and have magical babies with a non-homophobic intelligent heterosexual man. Shit like that only happens in movies. The kind of love I speak of is the love of oneself.

Short story time – When my friend came back from “Paris” ( P.S, I know, like Paris is her backyard or something) she had this serenity in her that I wanted so badly. Someone ate her sandwich at work; she said: “that’s okay.” Professor said she would fail, “she smiled and thanked the professor for the semester.”
For some reason, she was at peace and in love with herself (p.s I don’t know if they sell a portion for self-peace and love in Paris, but I want to go and check for myself 😉 ).

Image by Chisom Alaoma
4. Lagos, Nigeria

The main reason, I want to travel to Lagos Nigeria is because of the people, culture, and food. I have been to Lagos before, but I have never experienced it. I want to go the beaches, I want to see the museums, I want to experience Lagos Nightlife, and the most important aspect “the street food.”

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5. Havana, Cuba

“Havana, ooh na-na (ay)” Combined with the culture and the people, this place is incredible (also only seen through pictures). I also want to look at the splash of colours and the beautiful buildings. Plus it’s within my price range which is impressive and vital.
I hope you enjoyed the list of places I want to visit and can’t afford.

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