thanks to @dontbuymeflowers_ for this lovely idea <3

day one: write a letter to your best friend

dear best friend,

im gonna start by saying this: i love you.
i love you more than the world could ever imagine, i could never repay you enough for all the road blocks you've helped me overcome. i know times are tough for you right now, but you never let that get in the way of us, we fight, and we piss each other off, but i will never ever stop caring for you.

secondly: im sorry
im sorry for every time ive said something to hurt you. im sorry for every time that i wasn't there when you needed me. im sorry for not being able to give you all the love, and everything you deserve in life. im working on myself, i need time, and youve given that to me. you deserve the world, yet all i can give you is me. the fact that youve accepted that, and been there for me is something i will never let go of.

third: you are beautiful
you are beautiful, love. i know you dont think so, and i know youre insecure, but in every way possible, you are beautiful. your personality, your hair, your eyes, your smile, you. every day, i hope you wake up and tell yourself that youre beautiful, and i hope that you believe it, because i believe it, and i know its true. i know that me telling you this will barely have an impact on your vision of yourself, because you tell yourself otherwise every day. you are the only thing holding yourself back from seeing how beautiful you truly are, and i hope with all of my heart that one day youll finally see it.

finally: i believe in you
i believe in you. you are so intelligent, and you have such a lovely soul. you can do anything that you could ever imagine. i want you to live out your dreams, and i hope you dont hold yourself back, because you have so much potential to be incredible. i believe in you, and all of your wildest dreams,and i hope you do too.

with every part of everything i am, i love you bestfriend,