I was thinking.
This time I was just thinking for myself.
Things that are good to me,
I was thinking.
This time it's more selfish.
Things that pull me out into the clouds. It tells me. That's what I'm gonna say.
Pretty odd.
I do not think so much about myself, but I can not write it ... it was just weird.
What's my color? It was not because I had nothing to say.
Just the first thing that comes to mind is the color I love. But no. The question was what color I was. It was not what I loved. That was what really stirs my head. It was just a matter of confusion. ...
All of us.
'Cause I was not the only one who thought that. There were even those who still thought it was the color they loved.
But no. This is just like;
Without knowing the character, it seemed as if we were just furnishing the soul of someone we fell in love with as we would like. We were fooling ourselves. Yes, we were just doing this. Whereas we have the ability to know him. We just accepted it as we imagined him because we loved him. While we have possibility to way of knowing ourselves; We did not let you know ourselves.

I closed my eyes.I left myself on a journey that I could find better.
If human could find to herself, I should have done it.
I should have been as stubborn and invasive as the raindrops hitting to window.
I should have been as noble as a gazell.
As free as a bird.
I had to fly where I wanted to.
The place I want is exactly;
It was me.
I should have found myself.
I had to hold the soul away from where I was afraid.
I should have regained my "I" lost. Because I knew; If you want a savior, you should show yourself to him. If you do not see yourself. You could not wait for a hero to see a ghost.

I was want something just like that.

  • Purple; It represents creativity, emotionality and mystery. It brings a mystical glory and symbolizes metaphysical power.*
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Before I started this work, I did not even pass the purple color from the tip of my mind. I was throwing myself in burgundy and pink. But no. I was not that. These were just things I liked. ı was tell about that.

  • Creativity
  • Sensuality
  • Mystery

Although I am confident of the mystery, I am indulged in the other two features, but they were not enough for me. they was not enough for me.

Because I was like a flower that closed in the winter after opened in the summer.ı was like a flower that faded in the winter and opened in the summer. Everybody were thouhgt abaout to this beautiful and so many times rip off and smell, so I was try to reopen it again. It did not matter, it was not be beautiful or ugly . People were always tearing that flower off. whereas the flower looked better when it was not injured. She smelled better. Her face turned to the sun, smiling. There was a body that would carry both petals. Why did people broke to her? already She was in love with the bee. flower fell in love with an asset that exploited him every day...

So I gave up a color. it should have told me another color. He was also pink.

  • Pink; Calmness, love and femininity symbolize.
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These were the feelings that I enjoyed from the taste when I did not show it and I had the peace of mind.
The essence of purple and pungen was about my attitude towards people.
Mor's creativity symbolized the design, which is what I enjoy most in this life. If it comes to emotion. When a person 70% of water, mine was making feelings. I felt everything until to deep were like that;

  • Painful
  • Love
  • Sad.

There were times when I even exaggerated empathy. If I did not feel the feeling, I felt myself missing.
After all this exercise of thought, I combined these two colors in the most appropriate tone and it came to the color that we can say that we can purify. This color is now mine;

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My englısh is not good. I know but ı trying to learn it. so I apologize if I made mistakes (ı sure for that :)

Btw What color are you? 🌈

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-Sevde Nur Temizel 💓