Hello everybody!

It's Michel again, and today I'd love to share with you my lovely list. This beautiful idea is a part of #PluieDeSentiments, which is a project created by Paulien (@Paulien_99) and Noha (@golden_inspo), and it's all about feelings.

♥ my family & friends

My family is everything I have. They love me, they support me, they'd do anything for me, and I would do the same for them.
My friends are big part of my life, and I couldn't imagine where I'd be without them. Whether they're real or just on the internet, I love them with my whole heart and I hope I am a good friend for them too ♥

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♥ storms

Mysterious and thrilling. Some people are scared of them, but I am not. I am fascinated by them.

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♥ music

Music is the cure for me. It never fails to increase my happiness.

♥ my boyfriend

This year it's going to be amazing 3 years since I met a boy of my life, and I am so grateful for every single moment spent with him. I am probably the luckiest girl on Earth.

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♥ dance

I used to dance in a group when I was younger, but I quit because of art lessons. It was probably the biggest mistake of my life, but I still love to dance on my own at home.

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♥ my pets

I got four cats and a dog, and I love them all so much. They are the cutest creatures on the world ♥

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♥ writing

Writing is something I do a lot, and it's something that I really enjoy. I especially love when I see that someone like what I'm doing. I couldn't feel more thankful ♥

♥ smile & laughter

Being happy or seeing someone happy is one of the best feelings at all. I love laughing with my friends, I love seeing smile on my mom's face, I love the little sparkle in my eye when I'm in a good mood.

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♥ food

Food was an enemy for me for a while, but now I just enjoy every bite.

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♥ my idols

They teach me to be better person every day. I look up to them, I support them, I love them.

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Emma. Cole. Dylan. Finn. Jack. Ed. Ariana. Jade. Perrie. Jesy. Leigh-Anne. Millie. Noah. Miley. Demi. Gaten. Justin. Wyatt. Lauren. Caleb. Lucy. Taylor. Sadie. Joe. Jaeden. Camila. Zac. Zendaya. Rihanna. Louis. Beyoncé. Chosen. Sophia. Tom. Rupert. Daniel. Natalia. Charlie. Thomas. Josh. Dylan. And so many more.

♥ reading

It's always been my passion. Escape from reality.

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♥ traveling & adventure

Spontaneous trips & meating new cultures. Who wouldn't love that?

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♥ english

I used to hate it, but now it's like I'm living a second life. New thoughts, new people, new opportunities.

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♥ tea

I've always been fan of iced tea, but lately I started drinking the hot one too. It calms my mind, it warms my body.

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♥ movies & series

Lights off, warm bed, tasty snack & great movie or series. One of the best activities I love doing. Once I like a show, I cannot stop talking about it. Once I like a movie, I need everyone to watch it. It's hard to be a fangirl.

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♥ quotes

I just love them.

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And that is my lovely list! ♥


i m p e r f e c t i o n
i m p e r f e c t i o n
queen b ❁
queen b ❁

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Thank you so much guys for reading, hearting and reacting ♥

See you soon,
Michel ♥