So, in last time I saw a lot of articles with "inside of my name".. I read an article with cities and this made me to write mine.
Let's get into it !!

A for Athens ( in Greece )

Athens and Greece image Athens, beautiful, and Dream image city, travel, and Athens image athens to santorini image

N for Nuremberg ( in Germany )

europe, germany, and Nuremberg image city, cool, and exchange image city, germany, and Nuremberg image germany and Nuremberg image

D for Dublin ( in Ireland )

dublin image dublin image

R for Rotterdam ( in Netherlands )

netherlands, rotterdam, and worldcity image city, rotterdam, and dutch image

E for Edingurg ( in Germany )

city, travel, and world image photography image edinburg scotland uk city image edinburgh, scotland, and city image

E for Erfurt ( in Germany )

germany, landscape, and photography image germany image germany and erfurt image deutschland, dom, and stadt image

A for Avignon ( in France )

christmas, manège, and lumiere image lavender, flowers, and nature image europe, france, and history image cool, france, and green image

All these cities I wrote bellow I love, and there is something else I love : my followers. Love you guys for all your support for me !

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