A boy with dreams went to his love, told her to follow what is important to her.He told her he'll make sure she is safe and guarded. Looking high above her, he pointed at the garnet . She got excited and made her smile, he was looking at her like a beautiful moon gazer.

She couldn't understand why he got her that. She asked him "why did you get me this?'', he said"this represent the my love for you''. She knew it was his favorite color, She mentioned that too.

He leaned and kissed her and said. ..''This was my grandmothers necklace given by her lover when they met, as you are naive let me tell you it was my grandfather who gave her this'', She said nothing and let him kiss her. She knew now that she was safe and loved.

He stopped her and said, ''You remind me of her, and i see her in you. The way you take care of me and all the things that you do, never leave me and never say you'll stay. Just be with me beyond my grave''.
That was when he earned her trust,certitude . Everything was calm and everything was balmy.