Hi Winx lovers!
Today we will go back in time with an aesthetic of Winx.
Who was your favorite? Mine was bloom ❤
I don't think they need an introduction so let's start!

If you want check my other aesthetic:


kylie jenner, hair, and kylie image fire, aesthetic, and flame image orange image autumn, bunny, and fall image


Temporarily removed yellow, quotes, and sun image yellow, girl, and aesthetic image fashion, outfit, and yellow image


hair, flowers, and vintage image Temporarily removed Image by ||||||| plants, theme, and aesthetic image


hair, girl, and grunge image arctic monkeys, music, and grunge image aesthetic, boots, and combat image Temporarily removed


hair, blonde, and short image Temporarily removed purple, pink, and aesthetic image Image removed


hair, braid, and hairstyle image Image by luna nails, green, and rings image background, design, and pretty image

I hope you all liked it, while I was doing this article I felt nostalgic.
I loved watching Winx and always wanted to be one of them.
Actually, this made me feel really old.