Helena Paparizou was born on Boros of Sweeden she rised up on Engride of Geteburg and her father is from Kranea of Karditsa she has a sister and a brother. As child she made company with many children, as she said she had a breathe problem and she still has it she also says that sometimes she felt her breathe taking away thats why she always has asthma sprays. At the age of seven Helena started to learn piano ballet and traditional dances and her first music experiment was with the greek music when she was a student at the greek school at her 13 she discovered her love for singing and at her 14 she made her first band that played only hip hop the band's name was soul funkomatic but when Helena was 16 thirteen of the members were dead by fire.
As she was watching both sweedish and greek school she also studied theatrology and at her 17 Helena and her friend Nikos Panagiotidis made the group Antique and their first song was Opa opa that was made a great success an the Skandinavia and at 2001 they represent Greece at eurovision song contest with the song Die for you and they took the third place that year Helena was at the age of 19 and she was engaged with their turkish angent.

When Antique broke up Helena took the decision to make a solo career at Greece she signed a contrast with sony bmg and on December she released out her first single called i dont want you here anymore (mission calls) created by Christos Dantis and she made a lot of cooporations with many greek arists, on 2004 she hit the stage of Mad video music awards her first album became gold giving Helena her first success.
2005 was a magical year for Helena.....she has been chosen by the greek television ERT to represent Greece on the 50th eurovision song contest with the song My number one written by Christos Dantis and Natalia Germanou, she faced the ''great beasts'' of the contest but her sight was shouting ''i came here to win and i will win'' and then she did it: on May's 21st at her nameday celebration Helena gives to herself and to all the greeks the greatest gift she wins the contest scoring 230 points made all the greeks proud for her and she brought the contest to Athens,and the winning song became platinum at Greece and Cyprus and gold at Sweeden.
On 2006 she realesed out her album called ''there's a reason''(its gone tommorrow) and from that album the songs its gone tommorrow and mambo became number 1 hits the single became platinum in Greece and also realesed at Sweeden it became no1 and gold solding out over than 25.000 copies, Helena performed mambo to the opening of the 51st eurovision song contest in Athens after she performed the winning song. In the same year and specially on June's 14th she won four awards on Mad video music awards and she released out the album ''the game of love'' which consist the songs the game of love heroes gigolo mambo and the ballads teardrops and seven days.
On 2007 she recived an award by the comissioner of the cominsion for the success of her album my number 1.....
She realesed out many albums and songs that became platinum or gold on 2012's melodifestivalen she performed the song popular that represented Sweeden on 2011's contest
She became judge on the greek voice and she also released out her new album......!!!!!!!!!!!