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LEETEUK (이특) // LE (엘리)

Leeteuk and super junior image Image by Anaîs Henrondale
His real name is Park Jung Soo – 박정수 – He is the leader, vocalist of Super Junior (SM Entertainment). He is one of the funniest and more cheerful of the group.
le and exid image le, pretty, and swag image
Her real name is Ahn Hyo Jin – 안효진 – She is the main rapper of EXID (Banana Culture). As a producer and composer she has also created music for other groups and singers.

AHN HANI (안하니) // AMBER LIU (엠버 리우)

Temporarily removed exid and hani image
Her real name is Ahn Hee Yeon. - 안희연 – She is part of EXID and she is the vocalist and visual.
fx, korean, and kpop image f(x), amber, and kpop image
Amber Liu is the rapper and vocalist of F(x) (SM Entertainment). She is from Los Angeles and she is one of the nicest and friendly idol that i know.

NAMJOON (남준) // NAEUN (나은 )

v, rm, and bts image bts, namjoon, and rap monster image
better known as RM / Rap Monster. He is the main rapper and leader of the BTS (Big Hit Entertainment). One of the kindest guys you will ever know
kpop, bomi, and chorong image kpop, naeun, and apink‬ image
Son Naeun - 손나은 - is a vocalist and visual of Apink (A Plan Entertainment). She is also an actress.


kpop, suhyun, and chanhyuk image Image removed kpop, suhyun, and akmu image kpop, SIBLING, and akdong musician image
AKMU (YG Entertainment) is a mixed duo formed of siblings Lee Chanhyuk (leader, vocalist,rapper and guitarist)and Lee Suhyun (vocalist and maknae).

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