I had none.. I used to think life was pointless and I had such a negative outlook on life.. I hated how I looked and I got into drugs. I was homeschooled and i haven't hung out with a a single person since 2017. I have recently gotten sick with the worst sickness ever (No not cancer), a head cold. The sun started coming out during this and I have spring break starting today. I have realized that Life is beautiful. Yes I will have some hard days, but I have become so motivated to go outside and meet new people and have fun and go to the beach and live my life. I take for granted everything that is amazing. I take for granted breathing because I can't and I have accepted that I am young and to not grow up fast. I don't want to waste my teen-hood trying to be someone older than I am so that I don't ever get a teen-hood. I am so thankful for this awakening and I hope everyone struggling with their life can one day wake up and feel this way too. Just the other day, I was so disappointed in myself because I had just wasted my whole freshman year hating everything. Be thankful for everything you are given, and live everyday to the fullest. I love everyone of you that takes the time to read these things and I love everyone who takes the time to Message me how my messages have helped or impacted them. Life isn't fair. Trust me. Everyday something bad happens to me and I have a mental breakdown every single hour. Now, If something bad happens, i'm just going to make happiness out of it. You control your feelings. If you don't like feeling sad, don't control yourself to have you be sad. Rise above the people who have said shit to you and rise above yourself. Get out there and live your life. Doesn't matter your age. From 1-100 you can always get out there. It is never too late. Now follow your dreams. If you are 60 and wanna be a pop star DO IT!! If you never follow or try your dreams, you will regret it. So get off your device and do something. Set goals. Plan a trip. Travel the world. You are extraordinary and Don't let anyone tell you differently.