Hello ladies,

I have noticed that beauty routines are very popular and many people, including myself, are seeking inspiration in others' routines, almost making it a girly hobby. So I figured I would share my own tips and products with you. Enjoy!

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I have always been a big fan of cleansers when it comes to washing my face, especially because I have acne-prone, combination skin. This means that I tend to get very oily around my T-zone, this leading to more and more pimples. For that, I use the "Seaweed" cleanser from The body shop along with their pore-cleaning brush. I find that theese two have helped me the most.


As a cream I use one that's specifically made for people with acne. A very important step is moisturizer, and for that I use Vichy Idealia because it gives my skin the best glow ever, paired with Energie de vie serum from Lancome.

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Face masks

Now, I am absolutely in love with face masks, and I use one every week, according to my face's needs. When I need something purifying, but also soothing and calming, I use The magnaminty face mask from Lush. Their products are amazing, cruelty-free, vegan and 100% natural! If I want something a bit stronger, I use the green tea clay mask from The body shop. Again, I'm pretty obssesed with them.

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I love using tea tree oil whenever I get a spot. I just leave it overnight and it works it's wonders.


When my skin tend to lose moisture or get a bit flaky, my secret weapon is the thermal water from Avene. I just spray it on my face and let it soak on its own.

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I know you've heard this a lot but

  • Water is very important in your beauty routine, and it really makes a difference!
  • Dieting is also a big game changer, so make sure you're eating your greens!
  • Sleep on a clean pillow case! This way, there will be less bacteria gathering on your skin, helpin you achieve a great complexion.
  • Sleep at least 8 hours per night!
  • Don't touch your skin!
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That's all, hope you enjoyed it.

Love, Cara