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She happens to be a ghost. Who happens to have her own desk, in a hidden room. Where no one is allowed, no one is to see. She is comfortable under her desk. As if she were a child hiding under a table, no one could find her. But she secretly wishes one would look under the table, and saw her. But rather than pulling her out of it, why not fathom her wonderous state and smile at her. I promise she will smile back at you.

Our social battery runs out the moment you walk out your comfort space. Until you're almost out, you just want to go home and have some time alone to recharge.


Every day, there are small moments of JOY that only shy people truly understand.

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♥ We don't like answering the phone. Is it an instrument of communication or torture?

♥ Being in an area where no one is around. That is true paradise.

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♥ Not invited in a big party? What a shame. I guess I'm staying home and watch marathons on netflix with popcorns and chill.

♥ Headphones is a conversation forcefield. Sweet, sweet headphones.

♥ It's actually fun to be with a very chatty friend when they do all the talking.

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♥ A text or rather that old style email is the most wonderful thing in the world.

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♥ We would rather not meet someone we know on the streets.

♥ We know we are quiet, shy, and introverted, we don't need you to point that out for us.

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♥ We curse that person who said ‘Why don’t you speak up or talk more?’

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♥ Sometimes we're not really good listeners, because we are just actually trapped in our own bubble. Listening to you isn’t our number one priority, but the less talkative we are the more likely it is we have our head in the clouds.

♥ We may be happier sitting on the sidelines. So don't ask us to participate. Don't sit next to us. Don't ask us if we are lonely. Because that's our happiest of times.

♥ We have a trouble taking a compliment, wondering if its sincere or just a basic conversation starter.

♥ Timing is everything for us. Don't corner us, we may say something really stupid that will repeat like a dozen times in our mind. So we really appreciate it if you truly wait for us.

♥ We don't like going out too much to buy things, but we don't like taking deliveries either.

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♥ The corner of the room is the most safest place in the world.

♥ The internet is our guru and access to reality.

Shyness is not a sickness or a habit, its just like any other personality trait, has its pluses and minuses. So don't be afraid or embarrassed when they you point out of the crowd for being shy. Rather say, if being a shy, quiet, and introverted means being a bish, than I'm a bish. Say that out loud, proudly, even on the inside.