I know that self care is very important, but sometimes we don't think about all of the things we can do for self care so here's a few:

skin care:

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starting off basic, but skin care is very important! its not just about getting rid of acne, your skin protects you. take care of it


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whether its bullet journaling or dream journals or anything else, writing things down keeps you in touch and can help you use some of your creativity!


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getting enough sleep is very important for your health! just make sure not to oversleep because it can do the opposite! try recording your sleeping schedule!

taking care of your body and soul:

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meditation and exercise are really good ways of taking care of your body and soul! find what works for you!


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this may seem weird but experiencing new things and going new places can be really good for your mental health. it doesn't have to be a big trip, but getting out and trying new things will help you grow as a person!

spend time with people that make you happy:

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whether it be family, friends, significant others, just spend time with people who make you happy and make you a better person!

I hope you liked this article or it gave you some new ideas!
much love!!