this playlist has good vibes and just when you are driving on a hot summer day chilling out and drinking an ice cold lemon-aide.

Here is the playlist link

1.. Color blind - Diplo and Lil xan

desert, palm, and Sunny image arboles, beach, and bikini image

2.. 8TEEN - Khalid

aesthetic, landscape, and nature image Temporarily removed


girl, friends, and car image summer, beach, and surf image

4.. How Long - Charlie Puth ft French Montana

Temporarily removed amazing, be free, and beach image

5.. All the Stars - Kendrick Lamar ft SZA

attraction, beach, and beauty image aesthetic, cool, and eye image

6.. Young Dumb & Broke - Khalid

girl, friends, and friendship image girl image

7.. Dirty Sexy Money - David Guetta ft Charli XCX and French Montana

pool and love image Temporarily removed

8.. Know no Better - Major Lazer ft Travis Scott, Quavo, Camila Cabello

Temporarily removed Image by second chance♕

9.. She love control - Camila Cabello

beach, summer, and sun image summer, beach, and girl image

10.. Get it right - Diplo ft MØ

summer, beach, and girl image beautiful, beauty, and blonde image

11.. Help Me Out - Maroon 5 ft Julia Michaels

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

12.. I don't want it all - Kim Petras

Image by traputa Temporarily removed

13.. Capital Letters - Hailee Steinfeld

Image removed sky, summer, and sunset image

14.. Forever Young - Lil Yachty

bikini, fashion, and holiday image summer, friends, and beach image

15.. Never Be the Same - Camila Cabello

Temporarily removed sky, friends, and sunset image

16.. Sit next to me - Foster The People

Temporarily removed girl, nature, and flowers image

17.. Love Lies - Khalid ft Normani

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

18.. Out of my head - Charli XCX ft Tove Lo and ALMA

summer, bike, and girl image summer, girl, and beach image

19.. Good Old Days - Macklemore ft Kesha

friends, beach, and summer image love, summer, and couple image

20.. Two Shots - Goody Grace ft Gnash

train, grunge, and indie image fitness, girl, and luck image

21.. Everybody wants to famous - Superorganism

friends, summer, and lake image sky, moon, and clouds image

22.. Empty - Kevin Abstract

baby, d, and galaxy image girl, summer, and beach image

23.. Miserable America - Kevin Abstract

summer, sunset, and palm trees image beach, girl, and friends image

24.. Would You Mind - PRETTYMUCH

beach, bikini, and paradise image friends, summer, and sea image

25.. Bored - Bea Miller

Temporarily removed boho, fashion, and indie image

There will be more songs added so follow my playlist for more :) i love you