Welcome to this article. If you are already following my collection about a certain Elena Noll, then you probably know that she is one of my OCs that I created for a story I'm working on (called "Teenage Drama"- it's not my final desiscion to name it that way though).

I am writing this article not only for everyone who is interested in the characters but also for myself to have a better overview about each character.

Should there be any bad spelling mistakes, I'm very sorry. English is not my native language...so please don't judge :)

Anyway I hope you enjoy reading this article. Let's start.

Who is Elena?

- she was born on february 19
- she has one younger sister
- 5"7
hair colour: brown
eye colour: brown
I believe she might look very similiar to the actress Alisha Boe. That's why I've chosen a picture of her for the cover.
hair, blue, and tumblr image 13 reasons why, alisha boe, and jessica davis image
- Elena's got vitiligo (that means she has got skin that is losing it's pigments).
- loves wearing her hair in a half bun
Image by Лиза Верещагина body, skin, and vitiligo image
- her style is very modern, she wears a lot of denim & colouful clothes or accessories, meaningful t-shirts, socks with various patterns
- often wears makeup that contains glitter
girl image girl and glitter image Image removed socks, galaxy, and clothes image
- her favourite colours are red & yellow
- drinks sooooooooo much coffee
- could never decide between coffee or pastries
coffee, survival, and quotes image coffee, food, and breakfast image
- favourite food is probably an avocado or scrambled eggs
- but she also really loves chinese food
breakfast, food, and eggs image coffee and drink image food, chinese, and chinese food image avocado, food, and healthy image
- likes listening to Lana Del Rey or Halsey
- has an amazing voice herself
Image by NO TEARS LEFT TO CRY 💧 lana del rey, indie, and black and white image
- always 110% motivated
- unless she couldn't grab some coffee. she can be moody all day then
- speaks 5 different languages (English, French, Spanish, Dutch & German)
coffee image quotes, coffee, and life image
- wants equality for everyone
- feminist
- wants women to rule the world
Image by Minois Chiffonné girl power, quotes, and feminism image quotes, woman, and dangerous image formation, beyoncé, and queen bey image
- would do everything to prove her point (once she almost got beaten up because of that)
- sarcastic af
- short-tempered
alternative, funny, and grunge image sarcasm and star wars image
- passionate about the things & people she loves
- bisexual & very, very proud
baby, flag, and gay image girl image
- loves going on demonstrations
- hates assholes & fuckboys
- also hates to admit that she was wrong about something
marching, rights, and women image quotes and aesthetic image
- reads poetry
- carries her fjällräven backpack everywhere she goes
book, milk and honey, and reading image aesthetic, grape, and indie image
- loves animals
- loves space
butterfly, hands, and nature image space, aesthetic, and tumblr image girl, planet, and stars image dog, flowers, and yellow image
- is also very bossy and loves being the leader of a group
- bakes a very tasty bananabread
coffee, food, and beige image
- enjoys taking a bath with bathbombs (sometimes even more than one bathbomb at once)
- plans on getting a tattoo
tattoo, flowers, and art image lush, bath bombs, and bath image
- tries to be a better friend but sometimes is neglecting them because of her commitment for everything lgbt & feminism
- is very close to Louisa, Hayden & Joanna
friends, girl, and summer image friends, girl, and photography image
- Louisa was the first person Elena talked to about being bi
- sometimes she acts really mean around boys (she often argues with Louisa about that)
quotes, nice, and grunge image friends, monica, and rachel image friends, girl, and friendship image quotes, beautiful, and words image
- is scared of being lonely and being a failure
- is also scared of snakes
- plots revenge for everybody who has ever hurted her friends
- actually discovered her bisexuality by crushing on Hayden
lesbian, couple, and gay image lgbt image
- resting bitchface
- comments every single thing to annoy people for fun
- thinks drinking wine is very aesthetic
rebel, quotes, and die image Image by aline

(...to be continued...)

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