I almost like all types of movie genres. And in every movie I've ever watched, of course I'm most interested in the soundtrack of the song, so these are some of my most favorite soundtracks and are in my spotify playlists.

1. Find You - Zedd ft. Matthew Koma (DIVERGENT)

awesome, dance, and divergent image

2. Beating Hearts - Ellie Goulding (DIVERGENT)

beatrice, Ellie Goulding, and heart image

3. Missing You - Jacob Banks, Louis The Child (WARM BODIES)

warm bodies image

4. Midnight City - M83 (WARM BODIES)

warm bodies, r, and movie image

5. Hungry Heart - Springsteen ( WARMBODIES)

warm bodies, love, and zombie image


kian lawley, tv show, and zac and mia image

7. You Don't Know - Ariana Grande (TROLLS)

song, trolls, and ariana grande image

sooo that's part of my favorite soundtrack that I like to hear. and I also recomended you to hear those songs, 'cs the songs are good :)