If I could describe myself in - let's say - 5 words, fangirl would be one of them. I'm one of the biggest fangirls ever I think. Before we start to go into the deeper stuff, let's give you the history of me being a crazy fangirl.

It all started around 2012 (I'm born in 2000 so I was 12 back then). I have always loved reading! I used to read kids books and at the age of 12 (which is pretty early), I started going more to the YA- section. Which stands for Young Adult. I read a lot but I had never read a book that I loved AND had a movie about it.

She hits like Tragedy
~ The Wombats

Until one day. I bought the first book of The Hunger Games. I saw an add somewhere that said that the movie had recently come out so when I got a gift voucher for a book store on my birthday, I immediately grabbed for that book, even though I had never seen the movie.
I read the book and I LOVED IT! I was honestly obsessed! I read the entire thrilogy in two weeks, and watched the movie three times in the next month. I loved it! I even wrote a 80-chapter-long fanfiction on it :)
That's where my love for YA-books began, and that led to a couple other fan phases. The *Divergent*-phase came about a year after that.

the hunger games, katniss everdeen, and peeta image divergent, theo james, and four image

2012 was also the year that I "discovered" YouTube. It was something I knew but I never really used it for anything other than a couple of songs. (youth back then wasn't handy with digital stuff at the age of 12...)
But when I was twelve, I found out about "YouTubers". There weren't many Dutch youtubers (my native language) so I started watching English YouTubers. That's how I learned to speak/write English quite well. (Not perfect I know but again, it's not my native language). Third fan phase arrived: Joe Sugg. Twelve year old me thought he was so cute, I literally wanted to marry him... Yeah...

Image by bellawolfstorm29 Image by mun

I didn't get new fan phases until the summer of 2014. I discovered Shawn Mendes. That lead to one of the biggest fan phases I had ever got. Even today, he's still one of my idols :) I know all of his songs by heart (even though I'm normally totally not a pop-fan). It goes with ups and downs though. I wasn't a huge fan anymore, until he released his 2 new singles, "I My Blood" and "Lost In Japan" in the past two days. I'm fully back into the fan phase right now lol. i'm even listening to Lost In japan when writing this. You really have to listen to those songs! They're lit!

shawn mendes and mendes army image Temporarily removed music, shawn, and new music image shawn mendes, shawn, and mtv image

And then 2016 came along... together with the 2 biggest fan phases I had ever got! I read The Maze Runner series... And then I mean, I read all five books in one month... I was obsessed with those book and they're still the best books I've ever read. But that wasn't the biggest obsession, Thomas Brodie-Sangster was. He's the actor who plays Newt in The Maze Runner. I was such a huge fan, you have no idea. I know his birthday (ONE DAY BEFORE MINE LIKE IT'S MEANT TO BE) his length, his favorite snack... It's (almost) creepy. I also wrote a 100-chapter long fanfiction on TMR (and Newt in specific). I just really really like him and really really want to meet him one day. I don't know what it is about him but I just really like his personality and well... he's super cute too. That fan phase was extreme for over a year and then it slowly died down.... because of the next phase. I still adore Thomas but I'm not as obsessed anymore.

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It's almost impossible to have two huge fan phases at the same time. When you get a new one, the next one automatically dies down a bit. That's how it went with the Thomas Brodie-Sangster phase. I started watching the serie: The 100 and as you might have guessed, I became a huge fan. I especially loved Jasper Jordan (played by Devon Bostick). So the more I started to love Devon, the less I loved Thomas... I even was a huge *Murphy*-fan (character from the 100) for about a month. That was the next phase.

bellamy, clark, and the 100 image the 100, jasper, and jasper jordan image Image removed gif, john murphy, and the 100 image

After that followed three less huge phases. The Riverdale phase, the Percy Jackson phase and the Dolan Twins phase. They were very strong for a very short period of time, and then they died down a bit. I loved the books of Percy Jackson but I had to stop in the middle of book 2 because lack of time, I still like Riverdale, but I've never LOVED it. And the Dolan twins phase was really intense for about a month, and now I just like them. This all happened in 2017.

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Now onto 2018, and three phases left. I'm currently reading the Harry Potter books and even though I'm far from obsessed at the moment, I have a feeling that I will be when I continue to read the other books. The thing is that I've watched each movie at least 3 times so it's nothing new anymore. Then there is the Bastille phase. I the last few months, I started to develop a music preference. I never really had one, until recently and because of Bastille, I fell in love with Indie Rock. I loved their song Pompeii, but I never researched much more of them. Around a year ago, I started listening to more of their songs and I fell in love. Even today I'm still a huge fan and I'd love to see them perform live on day. Other bands I'm fan of are: The Killers, The Wombats, Green Day en Imagine Dragons.

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And then, the current bug fan phase: Aaron Carpenter! I discovered him during my Dolan Twins phase and when that phase died down, I started watching Aaron, and loved him. He's the cutest and most dedicated person on Earth and I really like him :) I don't know what the next phase will be, but I'll definitely let you know.

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So Now you've gotten that huge history of my phases that might not interest you at all, let's talk about us. Fangirls. I've heard so often: "He doesn't even know you exist, you're such a freak." And then I think: maybe I am, but I don't care. I love being a fangirl. I really do! I love getting to know people from all over the world and I love having someone to look up to without any expectations. It's sad but also exciting to know that they don't know you. Because you can love them as much as you want, and they'll never hurt you. Being a fangirl brings creativity out of me, it gives me positivity and a smile on my face. I have a second world in my mind, just because I'm a fangirl. It makes me who I am today.

So I don't regret any of it and if you feel like you're an extreme fangirl as well, don't be ashamed of it. You can always send me a message if you want to talk about it or if you just want to have a fangirl session or something :)

I hope you enjoyed this article, and if not.... oh well. It's not a deep and depressive one for once :')

Lots of love
x H.