Hello, i was not going to post another article this soon since i posted one yesterday, but i need to talk about something that's bothering me a lot, maybe that article gets a little long but read until the end.
If you don't know Honey Popcorn, they're a japanese trio that debuted into k-pop scene some days ago, before we talk about the issue check their music video, don't search anything before, just pay attention to the mv.

What do you think of their song?
Personally i think the song and their vocals are pretty good, have in mind that i'm not a professional though, i checked their showcase and i think they lack in dance but for sure they'll improve.
But the dance is not the problem here, the problem is the fact that they're AV actresses.
What is AV?
AV stands for "Adult Video", for what i know it's basically porn.
Let's go into the facts now.
A LOT of people is giving them free hate because of that fact, mainly koreans.
I'm going to put some of their comments.

" They can't speak Korean and AV is even illegal. Literally this idol group is such a trash out of Japan."

"These Japanese are still active porn stars and if you knew what their most recent film is about, you would be shocked. Their most recent film is a GROUP RAPE video. the video was released two days ago. You guys know that there are a lot of little girls who like and admire K-POP stars, and if you think about all the influences this PORN STARS have on those girls, you can't cheer them for any reason. If you still haven't figured it out, all you got is a crap in your brain. It's not up to you to judge, foreigners. They are like dropping the quality of kpop.
The Koreans decide whether to be K-pop or not. Shut up the red people^^"

First of all, both comments were made by the same person and it really disgusts me, i think any opinion became invalid when you're rude.
Let's analyze what he/she said:
Honey Popcorn sings in korean, it's not perfect but there tons of japanese/chinese/tailandese idols which are not that good either.
AV is illegal in korea but not in japan, they're actresses in Japan.
They filmed some porn, so what? It's their job, and i don't think it should be mentioned on their career as k-pop idols.
The music video has no sexual innuendos, is not a porn video, don't you agree with me on that? It's facts.
And that thing of "What will happen to our children?" it's dumb, i mean, a lot of movies and series have sex scenes and no one thinks it's a problem, but because their job in Japan, not Korea, it's with porn they'll influence? Really?
No one it's influenced, you do things 'cuz you want to and if you feel influenced then your mind is weak.
Plus, they're all full adults, according to what i found they're 27, 24 and 22 years old, the body is theirs, if they want to be porn actresses, then fine.
If you still hating them, then please just keep away from anything about them, you don't have to see it, so don't click just to talk bad things about them, it's their dream, are you really going to destroy a dream? We just have one life, let them be happy and be happy yourself.
I feel no shame to say that i'm totally supporting them.
I just had to vent, thank you if you read 'till here, and think about what i said.