Hi people of the world!

Today i am going to share my favorites bands.
I hope you enjoy and maybe like the bands. 🙂

↬ ➀ The Neighbourhood

✯ Genre: Indie rock, alternative R&B, Rock alternative, Pop rock, Rap alternative.

✯ Favorites songs: Afraid, Blue, Softcore, Cry baby, Lurk, Nervous, Sadderdaze, You Get Me So High, Daddy Issues, Female Robbery, R.I.P. 2 My Youth, Wiped Out!, 24/7, #icanteven, T$RL, Heaven, Void.

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I basically love every song of them.

↬ ➁ Cage The Elephant

✯ Genre: Alternative rock, garage rock, indie rock, punk blues, rock.

✯ Favorites Songs: Cold Cold Cold, Punchin' Bag, Too Late To Say Goodbye, Spiderhead, Teeth, Black Widow, Indy Kidz, Always Something, Sell Yourself, Ain't No Rest for the Wicked, Free Love.

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I love every song of every album♡

↬ ➂ Rainbow Kitten Surprise

✯ Genre: Alternative folk rock band.

✯ Favorites Songs: Lady Lie, Devil Like Me, Cold Love, First Class, Seven, That's My Shit, Cocaine Jesus, Wasted, Fever Pitch, Holy War.

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Same situation with this band, i love every song. They also gonna release a New ALBUM😀( i'm so happy) it's titled "How to: Friend, Love, Freefall" and is expected April 6, 2018.😀😀😀😀😀

↬ ➃ Bahari

✯ Genre: Pop, Indie pop.

✯ Favorites Songs: Altar Of The Sun, California, Wild Ones,

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↬ ➄ The Buttertones

✯ Genre: Alternative rock, Garage rock, Surf music.

✯ Favorites Songs: Matador, Baby Doll, Nu Suave, Bad Girl, She's At Ease, Pistol Whip,Tequila Mockingbird, La Bomba, Lemonade.

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↬ ➅ Hippo Campus

✯ Genre: Indie rock, indie pop, alternative rock, pop rock.

✯ Favorites Songs: way it goes, vines, poems, buttercup, Baseball, Traveler, tuesday, western kids, epitaph.

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↬ ➆ Glass Animals

✯ Genre: Indie rock, psychedelic pop, art pop, trip hop, indie electronic, alternative R&B.

✯ Favorites Songs: Gooey, Life Itself, Youth, Toes, Mama's Gun, Flip, Walla Walla, Pork Soda.

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↬ ➇ The Regrettes

✯Genre: Punk rock, riot grrrl, garage pop, garage punk.

✯Favorites Songs: A Living Human Girl, Perfect Picture, Seashore, Lacy Loo, Come Through.

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↬ ➈ COIN

✯Genre: Indie pop, pop rock, alternative rock, new wave.

✯Favorites Songs: Talk Too Much, Run, Boyfriend, Hannah, I don't Wanna Dance, Are We Alone?.

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↬ ➉ Years & Years

✯Genre: Electropop, synthpop, indie pop, dance-pop.

✯Favorites Songs: Take Shelter, Desire, King, Real, Eyes Shut, Shine, Workship, Sanctify.

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Thanks for your time.😁