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What do you regret most in your life?

It took me two years to finally understand that I had High Functioning Depression. For those of you who don’t know, I have writing about my anxiety so many times, so just check it out on my other articles in this end below. At first I was being told by my friend, maybe I had a Social Phobia. Maybe the reason why she said like that because it seems the anxiety attack to me that time was so strong and I was hate getting test or going to a doctor, so I just believe it like that.

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One time, I was finally want to tried accepting my own misery, then searched about what exactly happened to me. Then I learned about atelophobia and have thought maybe I’ve been had this phobia. Actually, some of my friend told that I had to go to doctor immediately and I was already want to go there, then I find out that I can't afford the cost of treatment. Because I had lived alone and I’m so ashamed to told my parents that I had mental health issue, therefore I don't want to borrowed some money from them. That was the most regret thing in my life.

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Fun fact is until today I don't go to rehab either.

Having this mental health issue was really made me regret about anything. It was really unfortunate that I’m not trying to recover this disease on my body as soon as possible. I should have had been honest at first with my parents. They are the one and only person in the earth would probably helping me inside out and trying to find the best solution on my problem.

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If I’m not let this toxic growing inside my head and body for long time, maybe now I'm on my way to chasing my dream. The side effect of this phobia makes me becoming more lazy, likes to procrastinating, also easily prejudiced on something. Its like I'm being someone else, someone I do not know, totally like people who get lost. It's tough to recover from this but I’m on my way to be heal. And now, I can say that I'm healthier than before and still fighting from it, also trying to cope from this.

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