Hi guys! So today I came to talk about this wonderful book from Becky Albertalli.

teen, ya, and becky albertalli image

The book is about a 17 year old Girl named Molly who has never kissed before. ( Although she had had crushes in 26 different guys before).

The book is a really cute romance, but at the same time that it makes you feel good when she does and sad when she does, the book is really important for all the taboos our society have: It talks about finding you sexuality, gay marriage, and a lot of things that concerns teens, such as weigh and love.

Throughout the book, Molly learns each time more about developing her self confidence and starts to actually understand her value; at the same time that she starts to fall in love for crush number 27: Reid Wertheim, a nerd who wears geek t-shirts, love chocolate easter bunnies and is always using really really white sneakers.

My favorite quotes from the book were:

" When you spend so much time just intensely wanting something, and then you actually get the thing ? It's Magic"

" I don't think I'm unlovable. But I keep wondering: what is my glitch ?"

" Because I have to admit: There's something really badass about truly, honestly not caring what people think about you"

Hope you guys liked the article! If you have any suggestions, comments or questions, feel free to DM me!

( If you have any YA novels suggestions I would love, Now that I just finished this one, I have to find more and more and more love stories! )