The elegant dressing is not about money, but about aesthetics.

If we want to update our everyday look, it's not necessary to spend a fortune to reach the desired result. In clever ways, pieces we already have in our wardrobes can synthesize the perfect look.

Spring is here and you may want to clear up your wardrobe. Well, keep pieces in it which really fit you, because of size and style of course. Here are ways which can make your look seem to be thought.

1) In white; Monochromy makes your appearance more elegant. White was, is and will be the color that gets us out of the difficult position and will make us look in style.

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2)Pastel colors; Pastel colors, such as light pink, purple and light blue create romantic appearances, particurlarly elegant, most times.

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3)Prints:stripes or floral; It will be high in preferences in this season as well.

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4)Back to basis; Trousers, a coat, a maxi dress, are pieces that ensure an all time classics look

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5) A bag; It can highlight your appearance. Even if you are wearing jeans and just a T-shirt, a structured bag always upgrades you.

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