Hey everyone, today I’m going to be doing something slightly different. Most of my articles are based around music but I thought I would do an article about what I do to study as it may help some of you.

I recently had to study for some exams, and I'll be honest I'm not the best at revising because I get distracted very easily and if I’m not motivated to do it then I won’t. However I came up with a list of things that I do that help me study.


I listen to music all the time, it helps me concentrate on what I’m doing, however if I listen to songs that are too upbeat it becomes more of a distraction. So it’s important that you find the right genre of music that will help you study. I can listen to most genres of music but I work better when the music is slow and calm. Spotify have quite a few playlists which consist of music for studying, so you can always check them out to find the right kind of music for you.

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Flashcards are my favourite way to study as I find them quite easy to do. The information goes in a lot easier then me just reading notes on a piece of paper, because I am rewriting my notes in a much simpler form. Rewriting notes is another way I take in information because I am repeating myself therefore it gets stuck in my head.I also use a lot of colour because I am personally more of a visual learner, by using colour I am more motivated to do the work. It also makes them look a lot nicer.

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Put My Phone Away

Like I said before I get distracted very easily so I find it better to have my phone out of reach so I’m not tempted to go on it. My phone normally has a low battery so I put it on charge whilst I study, that way it’s out of reach and I’m not tempted because I know that it needs to charge.

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Burn a Candle

This one might seem quite weird but by having a candle lit by me makes my room seem more calm and cozy. So that way I’m calm and will most likely do more work. The candle could be any scent you wanted it to be, I would personally go for a scent that I find calming. I will have the candle on my desk near me so I can smell it.

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Have a Break

Giving yourself breaks is very important, even if it’s just for five minutes, I try not to give myself long breaks because after a while my motivation will go and I won’t carry on with my work. Just give yourself long enough to get a drink or some food, maybe go on your phone. Try to give yourself a break when you start to get distracted or start fidgeting, then you can get it out of your system before you start working again.

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Don’t Look at the Time

This is my last tip. I try not to look at the time as it will just make time drag on. I would suggest not wearing a watch because you will constantly be looking down at it as you write and find a place to study where there isn’t a clock in sight so you won’t be tempted to look. I try not to think of a certain time for me to finish studying as I will be constantly be thinking when I can stop, so I finish when I think I have done enough. I also mainly study in the morning through to the afternoon as I don’t like studying in the evening because I’m more tired then and will have to run off of caffeine, which I don’t like doing.

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Thank you for reading and hopefully some of these will help you study. If you enjoyed it then I would appreciate it if you checked out my other articles that are all in the collection below.

Bye for now x