✵ My purse

It's the main thing I always carry in my handbag because I have all my cards in there, as credit card, id, brands cards...and my money.

It's a simple baby pink purse from asos, I plan to buy one from MK, but for now, I love the one that I got.

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✵ My keys

...As my cars keys and my house keys, both are IMPORTANT! I never leave the house without them. Wouldn't like to be locked out lol.

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✵ Deodorant and perfumes

I have got a small purse to put it in there and not having to look around the mess in my handbag for hours. Cause yes, it's a mess but look good on the outside lol.

I wouldn't see myself go out without them because let's face it...I want to smell good anytime, anywhere. It's very useful, like when you have to run not to be late, you just have to get your deodorant from your bag and apply it. When you feel like your perfume hasn't lasted, you apply some more.

Believe me, you need to carry them with you, wherever you go, whenever you go and whoever you go with. Let's face it, we all want to smell amazingly all the time...you just have to help a bit yourself and have them in your handbag.

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✵ Tissues

You always need them when you don't have any on you.

✵ Hand-Mirror and rubber-bands

...To check your makeup/hair/pimple out and make sure it looks the best it can anytime. As for the rubber-bands, I don't know about you but sometimes, in the middle of the day, I feel like putting my hair into a ponytail/messy bun and...it helps.

✵ Diary and pen

I like having mine with me to update my plans and see what I have planned yet, it helps me to organise things very quickly.

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✵ Mascara, concealer, lip balm and lipstick

I couldn't live without concealer and lip balm, those are my life savers. You never look tired, always can hide this annoying pimple on the chin, and moisturising your lips are important to make look good and have a beautiful smile.

As for mascara, it's a must, the look is very important and mascara helps to make it look better. Lipstick is needed when I didn't plan to go out but finally did but won't go back to my house before going. Also, if you have fancier plans and just want to put some on.

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✵ Hygienic hand rub and hand cream

I hate feeling like my hands are dirty and touching things and not clean my hands. I need to. Plus, you need to moisturise your hands, especially in the winter and it smells good!

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✵ Hairbrush

...My hair isn't difficult but because of the wind or a busy day, it can be a mess. In about a minute, it's perfect.

✵ Phone and charger

Never leave the house without my baby and I hate being away and not having enough battery. I try to always leave with 100% but we know how things don't always go as planned.

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✵ Earphones

Can someone live/leave without music? I don't believe you!

✵ A book

I have some applications saved on my iPhone to read but I love having a real book in my own hands to read. I love reading so I always carry one in my handbag. If I meet up a friend and she/he is running late, I busy myself with a book. Or if I take the métro, I can read all the way with music on, of course!

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✵ Pads and tampons

You never know what Dame Nature has in store for you or your friends. Always carry and give other girls if they need some. Solidarity and girl power!

✵ Painkillers

I have some very bad migraine and have to carry my painkillers with me. It can be very frustrating and painful so...thanks painkillers!

✵ Water/tea bottle

I'm always thirsty and I love tea and water so it's a win win.

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✵ Chewing-gums

Love them!

xoxo ✿