Hey lovelies, Ems's back. Today I'm gonna talk you about the meaning of flowers.

  • Violet
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✿ Violets represent modesty

  • Tulip
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✿ Tulips will let the recipient know that the sender thinks he or she is the perfect lover

  • Azalea
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✿ Azaleas represent womanhood

  • Primrose
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✿ The floral meaning of this flower is short and sweet and only has one thing to say: "I can't live without you".

  • Iris
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✿ the iris represents a number of virtues among which faith, hope, valor and wisdom are the most prominent.

  • Daisy
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✿ the daisy represents loyalty,innocence and purity

  • Anemone
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✿the anemone represents anticipation

  • Camelia
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✿ Represents desire and passion

  • Poppy
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✿ Poppies represent beauty, magic and eternal life

  • Orchid
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✿ Orchids represent love, luxury, beauty and strenght

  • Rose
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✿ Roses represent love,concentration,balance and passion

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