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Before I start this article, I don't encourage cheating but this is just some tricks just in case if you fall short and may not have not had a chance to study also don't this if your doing a BIG exam cause you will get caught this is only for small tests or quizzes!

1. Bandage Method

For this method all you need is a bandage and before the test start writing underneath it and peel it off once in awhile during the quiz

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2. Bottle Method

Prior to the test you have to print the answers and paste it on the water bottle , make sure it resembles the water bottle

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3. Bottle Method 2

This second Bottle Method, first you need to write the answers and glue it to the back of the bottle cover, now it is visible to see while testing.

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4. Between Fingers Method

This one is kind of tricky because not all the information will fit in between your fingers, so try this method on easy and short vocabulary quizzes

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5. Jacket Method

So this one is pretty clever , basically all you do is remove one of your hands from your jacket sleeves and leave it on the table while that secret hand is under the desk

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6. Eraser Method

For this one you need to hand write the notes on a piece of paper and after you put it inside those little erasers that you put on your pencils.

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7. Calculator Phone Method

For this one you need those scientific calculators not the basic ones!

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8. Bra Method
This is totally insane , I don't recommend you to do it because everyone will look at you weird but hey I thought I would just add it.

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9. Apple Watch Method

If you own a apple watch then you can try this . First just take a picture of the notes thru your smart watch and wear it on the day of the test.

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Remember if you get caught don't blame it on @babyfranny

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