5S it's a concept that japaneses create to establish a more comfortable and organized way to work and live. It consists of five basic principles:

Seiri: Classify = avoid everything it's not usefull

Helps to reduce the space in the stuffs that are neccesary only, improve your productivity and avoid you to buy things you do not need helping in your economy.

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Ask yourself this questions:
  • 1. What I need to throw away?
  • 2. What I need to keep?
  • 3. What can be usefull for somebody else?
  • 4. What I should repared?
  • 5. What i need to sell?


Seiton: Order = Organize your work space / home / bedroom in a helpfull way

It is about how quick we can get what we need and return it to the place where it belongs. Every thing you have, needs to have an exclusive place where it has to be ready to be used.
In that way we will ease the time on searching, reduce physic and mental tiredness

For that you need to ask yourself:
  • 1. This has to be there?
  • 2. Is this the place I can give to this?
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You also need to tag the places so in that way it Will help you at the beggining. You can do it with letters, colors, numbers, etc.


Seiso: Cleaning = Improve the cleaning in your space

A clean enviorement provides quality and security. It Will help you to have everything where it belongs. You have to clean and take away everything that doesn't belong there and let it set for the next use.

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You need to see your workplace and ask:
  • 1. Is this place clean?
  • 2. What would I have to do to had this place clean everyday?
  • 3. What will it help to improve the cleaning?


Seiketsu: Standarized = Prevent dirt and disorder, stablishing norms and paraments.

This S helps to the performance and satisfaction. Consist in put reminders and posters for the things you need and do not. They have to be clear and visible so you will not have a pretext.

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You can use images, icons,schedules or quotes.


Shitsuke: Keep Improving = Discipline and commitment.

Discipline is about do the things as it is supposed to be done. It's the goal of having good habits in your work enviorement.
It's about the result of the sum of the previous 4S to make a routine in your daily basis. The growth in a personal and human level to self discipline and selfsatisfaction.

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This tips will really help you in your work place, bedroom, home, lifestyle, even your phone storage. This basics forms will improve your performance and way of living. Thanks for reading ♥Really appreciate your messages. Feel free to tell me anything you want to be said and if you want me to talk about other subjets♥


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