I was scrolling threw the photos on We heart it and I decided to write the article 10 favorites .I don't have that much to say about it,just it contains my favorites. :)) Hope you will like it.


flowers, tulips, and pink image Temporarily removed nature image flowers, pink, and summer image
I love all kind of flowers,but my favorite is the tulip.


Temporarily removed Image removed Image removed Image removed
Not so hot but not so cold either.:))

3.Large Clothes

fashion, style, and outfit image ring, watch, and large pullover image black, brown, and comfortable image blouses, dress, and etsy image
Very comfortable


fruit, banana, and pineapple image bananas, food, and healthy image bananas, delicious, and fruit image bananas, breakfast, and chocolate image
Just tasty

5.Floral dresses

roses image Mature image flowers, fashion, and rose image Temporarily removed
Love flowers=>Love floral dresses


chanel, bag, and fashion image bags, blue, and goals image bag, fashion, and sunglasses image bag, fashion, and pink image
Smaller than a backpack,easier to carry

7.Listening music

music, coffee, and vintage image piano, music, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
It relaxes me and it always makes me fell happy


Image removed shadow hunters image daredevil, Marvel, and iron fist image the gifted image
Stranger Things-Shadowhunters-Marvel's the Defenders-The Gifted

9.Harry Potter

cat, book, and gif image Inspiring Image on We Heart It aesthetic, glasses, and blue image Image removed
I read the books and seen the movies,totally love them.

10.Fantastic beasts

fantastic beasts, harry potter, and grindelwald image background, book, and hogwarts image cup, harry potter, and fantastic beasts image quotes, fantastic beasts, and newt scamander image
I don't like it as much as Harry Potter,but it is very cute.

.The order is random.Thank you if you got 'till here. :))