only one; not one of several.

synonyms: one (only), sole, lone, solitary, by itself/oneself, unaccompanied, alone
"a single red rose"

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I don’t know about you but ask yourself..

“Do I really know myself that well?"
”How am I supposed to feel happy with someone if I don’t even know how to make myself happy.”
Before you plunge yourself into a relationship, make sure that you know yourself well.

You should know:
- how to make yourself happy
- what makes you angry or frustrated
- how to resolve these self-issues.

Here are simple starting points for the project : "knowing my damn self better than anyone else"

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1. Declutter.
Before you start doing your project adventures, get rid of the unnecessary stuff. You just got out of a relationship? Throw that memory box. Well if you want to. Or you can just put it in an attic or something. You don’t need that hanging around the corner. It’ll keep you stuck in the old vibes.

2. Try something that is completely new to you.
Do something that you have never tried. Painting? Dancing? Sports? Learning a musical instrument? Writing? Gardening? Whatever it is that you think is interesting enough to try. Just GO FOR IT.

3. Go somewhere alone.
I think visiting museums is the best option. Museum is such a quiet yet so loud place. It’s full of art that speaks so much. It might actually help you learn how to appreciate things. And can you imagine Walking around these pretty artworks alone? just feel every damn beauty that it radiates. OR if you’re not that type of person, go hiking or travel somewhere that you have always wanted to go to.

4. Cook yourself a fancy dinner.
I know we cook food for ourselves most of the time but try making it fancy. Light a candle or some exquisite looking stuff. Give yourself a date. This might actually help you discover your romantic personality.

5. Meet new people.
And by this, I’m not pertaining to getting back on the dating track. Just meet new people and be friends with them. You need new people in your life. It’s a good fresh start.

6. Give yourself a makeover or pamper day
You have to see yourself in a magnified way. Do you think a short hair fits you? Wanna try some new hair color? Do you need to lose weight? Go do it. Do what will make you feel confident in your own skin. Confidence is always a key to knowing more about yourself.

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There are tons of things to do for you to find yourself. It all really depends on you. Just remember that loving oneself first will create stronger relationships with other people.

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Nothing can break you if you see your self as individually complete.

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