Soo okay guys, here we go. I´m not sure if even a single one of my followers is interested in reading 50 questions about this lil nugget here (aka me), but I am bored and thought this would be fun. So I actually don´t really care if anyone besides myself likes this hehe.
But in case u do: thank you for taking the time! <3
(Also I´m tagging all of u who wanna try this for their own - go on and do it! It´s fun!)

PS: I just mixed together a few different ´this-or-that-tags´ i have seen from other people, so none of the questions are made up by me or anything, i don´t own anything besides the time i put in doing this :)

1. Coffee or Tea

Temporarily removed tea, cup, and vintage image

2. B&W or Colour

Image by Ana Paula Horta colours, ice cream, and rainbow image

3. Drawings or Patintings

art, boy, and drawing image art and painting image
both can be beautiful

4. Dresses or Skirts

dress, summer, and travel image dress, sunflower, and girl image
i love wearing skirts, too, but i think i´m more of a dress-person

5. Books or Movies

book, fairy tale, and vintage image book, aesthetic, and tumblr image

6. Day or Night

morning, woods, and sunrays image Image removed
day for sure

7. Chocolate or Vanilla

avocado, chocolate, and dessert image Image removed

8. Glasses or Contacts

dog, cute, and animal image Temporarily removed
i rlly love my glasses but i think i might try out contacts soon!

9. Hugs or Kisses

hug, world, and quotes image couple, love, and hug image

10. Hunting or Fishing

animals and friendship image Image removed
why murder an animal when instead you could just love it?

11. Winter or Summer

Temporarily removed snow, animal, and dog image

12. Spring or Autumn

flowers, yellow, and tulips image japan, pink, and flowers image
that one´s kinda hard for me cause my birthday is in october and i love halloween, pumkin soup, rainy days and autumn leaves... but still, spring wins

13. Rural or Urban

Temporarily removed apple, village, and yellow image
close one though!

14. Ice Cream or Yogurt

food, healthy, and chocolate image Temporarily removed
nice cream lol

15. Ketchup or Mustard

Image by Tracinis good and ketchup image

16. Comedy or Mystery

friends, chandler, and Joey image stranger things, eleven, and millie bobby brown image
honestly it depends so much on my mood

17. Silver or Gold

girl, photography, and stars image Image by K Y L I E
i still love my huge silver hoop earrings though!

18. Board Games or Video Games

Temporarily removed Image by a l e x a n d e r

19. Fruits or Veggies

Temporarily removed fruit, food, and healthy image
i´m seriousley addicted to fruits... this morning we didn´t have any fruits at home and i got so mad cause i need my vitamins for breakfast!! (and also the rest of the day lol)

20. Sausage or Bacon

pig, animal, and cute image Temporarily removed
u mean murdered animal or murdered animal? uhm no thx i´ll take none

21. Dark Chocolate or White Chocolate

Temporarily removed chocolate, food, and yummy image
tbh i don´t care as long as it´s (vegan) chocolate at all lol

22. Tattoos or Piercings

lips, piercing, and lipstick image Image by V.S
planning on getting both soon!

23. Cats or Dogs

dog, animal, and autumn image dog, puppy, and sunflower image

24. Sci-Fi or Fantasy

Image removed Temporarily removed
pls do not make me choose

25. Numbers or Letters

mad, madness, and quotes image archetype, typewriter, and writing image

26. Introvert or Extrovert

friends, beach, and fun image girl, fun, and friends image
i think i´m more of an extrovert since i usually have no problems talking to people and often i´m the funny, loud one. but also i need a LOT of me time and am quite sensitive

27. Sunrise or Sunset

adventure, Dream, and plane image aesthetic, icon, and orang image
idk idc because both are super beautiful??

28. Mermaids or Fairies

Mature image mermaid, ocean, and sea image

29. Picnic or Restaurant

food, picnic, and vintage image picnic and forest image
picnics are more fun and romantic but i sure wouldn´t say no to a nice vegan restaurant!

30. Roller Coaster or Ferris Wheel

Image by sweetevtanazia Image removed
never been on a roller coaster cause my stomach and i are weak lol

31. Bright Colours or Neutral Tones

fun, pink, and balloons image Image removed

32. Be older than you are or Be younger

college, fashion, and friends image Temporarily removed
ok so honestly i wouldn´t want to change my age. i like being 20, going to college, making new friends, finding out who i am and what matters to me in life. i liked being young and i´m exited to get older, but i right now i wanna experience everything life has to offer me at 20 (but just let´s make this clear i don´t look anything near those cool college ppl cause i´m not stylish at all lol)

33. Chinese or Italian

food, pizza, and vegan image basil, red, and rome image

34. Skateboard or Bike

bike, flowers, and nature image girl, bike, and vintage image

35. Black or White

wallpaper, black, and white image fashion, girl, and vans image
idk both?

36. Early Bird or Night Owl

quotes, coffee, and life image chill, colourful, and beach image

37. Dancing or Singing

Image removed funny, singing, and tumblr image
i´ve had dance lessons for about 8 years but i think singing still wins (even though i suck at it lol)

38. Freckles or Dimples

indie, ladybug, and freckles image Temporarily removed

39. Crossword Puzzle or Sudoku

photography image hipster, indie, and photography image
when i was little i loooved doing sudoku and i was actually pretty good at it

40. Skiing or Snowboarding

Skiing, snow, and winter image girl, Skiing, and snow image

41. Bracelet or Necklace

fashion, style, and moon image fashion, girl, and white image
that one´s kinda hard, cause i barely ever wear jewlery... but even if i have some festival bracelets on my right hand (that i probably won´t take of until my wedding) i think i´m more of a necklace-kinda-person

42. Cowboys or Aliens

big eyes, e.t., and light image Temporarily removed

43. Pancakes or Waffles

Temporarily removed food, yummy, and pancakes image
(tough choice though!)

44. Harry Potter or LOTR

harry potter, ron weasley, and hermione granger image harry potter, muggles, and wallpaper image
i love the lord of the rings movie to the moon and back, but nothing will ever beat harry potter

45. Peanut Butter or Jelly

photography image food, tea, and breakfast image
jam, actually

46. Personal Chef or Personal Fitnesscoach

Image removed Mature image
my personal vegan chef?? like hell yeah???

47. Short or Long Nails

manicure, mani, and nail image aesthetics, beautiful, and men image
i have this weird thing for rlly short nails (at boys and myself) so actually even a bit shorter than the girl in the left pic

48. Leather or Denim

Temporarily removed fashion, style, and accessories image
wearing a dead animals skin? uhm no thank u, i´ll take denim

49. Dinner Date or Home Date

boy, lindo, and men image couple, love, and popcorn image
a guy that cooks for me? and then netflix and cuddling? sign me in already!

50. Jello or Pudding

Temporarily removed chocolate image
mousse au chocolat tbh

So guys, that was it! I had so much fun doing this tag and I´m extremely impressed by anyone who actually made it so far :D
Feel free to do your own version of this!

Wish u all a lovely day <3