These couple of days has been very frustating. i've been thinking about you, a lot. I don't know what the reason is, idk if i still like you. I'm not sure.

The memories that we had is surely, not an easy one to be forget. Everytime i try to forget about you by remembering all the bad things and the reason why we didn't fit each other doesn't work for me. The thought of us still hanging in my mind.

Then, I started to think if i should send you a text and hoping that you would reply. I did send it. But until now, all i've got only a lost hope. I was wondering if im being blocked by you. I decided to call you. I called. I have to make sure if it's true or not. I told myself if you don't pick it up, after three times then i should stop and start to moving on.

The truth has been revealed.

I should stop and thinking that I can't be on this path anymore, I need to moving on and continue my life.

I love you and i thank you, for giving me such a beautiful memories. In the end i know, the time it's up and i need to let you go.

It was the best decision i have to make. For you and also for me.