Aries - THE WARRIOR, who seeks worthiness.
Positive: Courageous, enterprising, pioneering, independent
Negative: Headstrong, impatient, combative, naive

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Taurus - THE LOVER, who seeks intimacy.
Positive: Reliable, sensual, steadfast, stable
Negative: Stubborn, materialistic, indulgent, lazy

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Gemini - THE JESTER, who seeks frivolity.
Positive: Articulate, eloquent, idealistic, versatile
Negative: Levity, tricky, inconsistent, restless

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Cancer - THE HEALER, who seeks to protect.
Positive: Patient, tenacious, kind, devoted
Negative: Anxious, suspicious, untruthful, vain

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Leo - THE CELEBRITY, who seeks utopia.
Positive: Sociable, enthusiastic, optimistic, inspiring
Negative: Arrogant, melodramatic, self-centered, dominating

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Virgo - THE SAGE, who seeks truth.
Positive: Thoughtful, efficient, cautious, methodical
Negative: Apprehensive, skeptical, indecisive, critical

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Libra - THE EMISSARY, who seeks peace.
Positive: Diplomatic, accommodating, graceful, charming
Negative: Aloof, impressionable, hesitant, superficial

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Scorpio - THE MAGICIAN, who seeks power.
Positive: Passionate, focused, resourceful, determined
Negative: Severe, possessive, vindictive, dogmatic

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Sagittarius - THE EXPLORER, who seeks to discover.
Positive: Spontaneous, honest, outspoken, philosophical
Negative: Blunt, rash, overconfident, boisterous

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Capricorn - THE RULER, who seeks to control.
Positive: Practical, dignified, persistent, disciplined
Negative: Authoritative, elitist, conservative, reserved

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Aquarius - THE REBEL, who seeks to overturn.
Positive: Humane, inquisitive, inventive, progressive
Negative: Radical, irrational, controversial, extremist

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Pisces - THE ARTIST, who seeks to create.
Positive: Perceptive, intuitive, visionary, imaginative
Negative: Sensitive, scattered, escapist, pessimistic

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