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Stress is something largely present in our lives. Especially for teenagers or people in early twenties. As teenagers, we have exams, drama, college applications, most of all the pressure of balancing the drama, friendships, anxiety of whether or not you'll get asked out to prom by your crush or ANYONE AT ALL, with homework, due dates and finals all while deciding where to go to college, how to get a scholarship and what the hell you want to do with the rest of your life. Honestly, if you can do all of that properly at the same time, you are not human. However, once you're out of school you have a set of new challenges. Namely, rent, food and maybe even the one called OH MY GOD I DON'T LIKE MY MAJOR WHAT NOW??
No matter what, the stress is always there, believe me I know. It feels like someones trying to boil you alive, and while you're there fidgeting with your stress ball, you wish you were using those long-ass nails to dig a hole in the ground instead. That way you could at least be more productive and get yourself a place to hide.

I'm gonna share something I've recently realized, hope it helps you too.

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How important is the situation?

most of the time we stress out about the small things.

"he didn't text me back"


"oh no I'm 5 minutes late"


"oh s*it I forgot to buy milk, now I can't dring my morning coffee"

Why do we stress so much about these small insignificant things? why do we waste our time thinking about all the things we can't change?

Realize that stressing out doesn't help AT ALL

It doesn't.
First off when you feel stressed out, think exactly what it is that you're stressing about.

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Most of the time the thing belongs to one of these two categories:

Things you can not change

How many times have you caught yourself feeling stressed right before the exam?
I'd say, a lot.
I get it, some tests are very important and they determine your whole life, or whatever the hell you're telling yourself in that exact moment. However, think about this whats the point of stressing out right before you enter that room? Does it help the knowledge magically fly into your head? Does it change what you know?
The answer is no, it doesn't. All it does is make you feel sick, therefore limiting your chances of getting a good score by affecting your thinking abilities. In other words, more nervous you are, the more likely you are to miss some important point because your brain is too busy thinking about how much time you have left, how you procrastinated and how bad it will be if you fail this exam.
So... save yourself some time. If you don't know something you don't know, nothing will change if you sit there stressing out about it. After all, you can't learn the whole material in the 5 minutes you're given before entering the examination room. Use that time to calm yourself down and make sure you'll do your best.
My best friend has a saying

You can never get enough air before death.

It is so funny, and I love when she says that. Shes just so adorable, I love her more than anything in this world. Anyway, what it means is you can not change anything right before it's about to happen. Just let it go.

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Things you're in control of

If you have control over the situation, then take it. Quit stressing, you're wasting time which could be used to take action to fix the situation instead. So let's say you're stressing the week before an exam and you're sitting there thinking about all the things you have to do, or all the things that could go wrong (which is btw a bad habit you have to stop, check out my other article "what if") you have to realize that while you're sitting there stressing out you're doing nothing to change the situation. Instead, STOP and TAKE ACTION.
Ask yourself, how can I fix this? how can I change this? what should I do?
Make a plan and execute it.

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Lastly, here's a little illustration:

Image by Angel In Purgatory

Hope this helped you <3 You can do whatever you want to do, just remember to stay healthy, calm and take care of yourself.

- Angelinpurgatory