Hello Everyone
As you can tell by the title,this article is going to be a What's in my Bag. I saw a lot of People do this lately and even if I wasn't tagged to do it ,I still want to do this because it seems fun. So let's start❤.

My Phone
I can't go out without my Phone. I need my Phone to always be with me and not gonna lie when I Don't have my Phone with me, I get a little Heart Attack😂.

nails, iphone, and pink image nails, iphone, and pink image

they saved my Life so many Times. I always need Tissues with me❤.

glitter, issues, and phrases image love, kiss, and sick image

Small Makeup Bag
Just a little bag with the most important Stuff like blotting paper,makeup remover vibes , powder, mascara and something for lips💄💋.

makeup, cosmetics, and beauty image makeup, chanel, and beauty image

Perfume or Deodarant
I always wanna make Sure to smell nice and just fresh myself up a little bit.So this is a must ❤.

духи image chanel, bag, and perfume image

I love listening to Music ❤. Also when I drive in a Car for a longer time It's relaxing to listen to Music.

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Bullet Journal
To not forget all the Important Events. Or I like to write down everything that comes to my Head.

journal, aesthetic, and journaling image aesthetic, aesthetics, and astrology image

Bubble Gum
Mostly for good smelling breath.

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