Ah yes! I remember well the day I decided to take that sharp pencil and make a nice portrait of some of my fave anime characters.

What I thought at that time was easy, was anything but that. I really wanted to draw for fun. But as a kid, patience is not your best friend.

In 8th grade, I adopted this 'technique' called 'put that damn paper on the pc screen and follow the lines'.

That was a success for me until two years passed and I wasn't happy with what I was doing. That technique didn't make me an artist. I was a cheater and there was nothing special in me.

I hated that a lot. That feeling that maybe I wasn't good at something I actually liked. So what did good old Bel do?

Nothing. I was too lazy to put time in training myself because inside my thoughts, I would do it some day but not THAT day.

Well, here I am today!!!

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