Hey everyone! How are you?! These are some of my tips for self care, when the world becomes too much. Here We Go!

1. Drink Water
I know everyone has heard this everywhere, but On days where I am in a slump, I chug down a tall glass of ice water right away. Water has an unlimited amount of benefits, it is literally the healthiest thing anyone can think of. Skin, Hair, Nails, Brain, Body, Mind. etc. Once you drink your water, you get an immediate boost and you can also feel better knowing you are taking the first step in taking care of yourself.

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2. Cry It Out
Now let me just put this out there: There is nothing wrong with crying! everyone cries, even those who act like they do not, Trust me, they do. We all have days where the water works come out, and it is 100% okay to cry it all out if you have too! I will be open and honest here, I am an introverted, sensitive, and intuitive human being. I feel my emotions on a grand level. Those characteristics of mine are not flaws, that is just who I am. and I will gladly accept it. So if I need to cry it out, I will. Also I want to say that there is no such thing as "a stupid reason to cry", I feel what I feel, and my feelings are valid. Therefore cry it out.

3. Hibernation! (well kind of)
This is a 2 step plan. Step 1 involves snacks! Everybody's favorite right? The days when I need to get away, I treat myself AND I take care myself. I first prepare myself with "my treat", this can be any kind of indulgent treat, for me personally its a pint of coffee Ice cream and whatever possible mix ins I can get with in it. I eat this treat first to provide myself with comfort, and having something to feel good about. Next I prepare myself with some sort of healthy snack, I always aim for fruit, strawberries and mangos. My healthy snack is to provide myself with some health to my body, and also to make sure I do not feel to bad about indulging either. Got to have a balance!

Usually after having two snacks, my stomach is full. Which makes it easier to just lull off to sleep. Nap are necessary. A nice, and well deserved sleep, will take your mind off of the bad vibes and it will help you out both mentally and physically in the long run!

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Food is Fuel! So Fuel Up! :)

4. Have an Outlet
Bad vibes can reach an extreme, Which is why it is important to find some sort of outlet to release yourself too. This can lead to many different ideas for others. If you have a really good support group, such as your friends or even someone who is older and who will listen? Talk out your feelings. Do not be afraid to reach out for help when you can, need I remind you, You feel what you feel and your feelings are valid.

If the situation does not allow for you to express things so openly with others and you prefer to not talk about it, there are other methods. Write it out, type, escape into music, read, exercise, dance, draw, watch a movie, watch a youtube video, etc etc. Everyone has something they like to do, let that be your outlet when you want feel better.

if you are interested in even more self care tips, then check out my collection! :)

Self Care/Self Love is a Journey with yourself. You are your own greatest asset. And trying to take care of yourself when you do not feel your best, is an immensely strong thing to do. Do not be ashamed of it, and do not let anyone else make you feel ashamed for it either. Mending towards your own health, is something to be proud of. It is a skill that you learn for yourself by yourself, and absolutely no one can take that away from you. Be proud of yourself for who you are, and for who you will eventually become!

Okay! Bye Everyone!

~ Jessica Chand