"Write About Happiness."

Happiness is...

The sound of birds chirping after a long and difficult winter.
Seeing your big brother after a long time.
Getting coffee with friends to feel cool, although you secretly hate coffee.
Collapsing into bed after a physically trying day,
and taking an epsom salt bath, too.
Picking wildflowers in a secret field.
And snuggling close to someone in that field, too.
Buying your first car, signing your first lease, clocking in to your first job.
Stealing from your parents liquor cabinet, and spitting it out anyway.
Reading on a hammock.
Napping on a hammock.
Eating bananas with your best friend on a hammock.
The first riff you master on guitar.
Staying up all night with inspiration to write your novel.
Piggy back rides at flea markets,
and fighting over a pretty painting.
Building something by yourself.
The cough in Dear Maria.
The flashing lights of a stage.
New clothes.
Old keepsakes.
Late nights with friends.