Youth for me,is fresh,and new,is an never ending feeling of a spring morning.
Its like the smell before it stars to rain,is the smell after the rain stops.
Its like the sound of the drums from a crapy phone.
Its sitting in the car with a lot of people with all the windows down singing your favourite tune until you can't feel your throat anymore.
Its like listening to a song for the first time and knowing is going to be your favourite.
Its the feeing of my heart never beat faster ,my legs never hurt more.
Itsrunning barefoot on the grass
Is danceing on the street in he middle of the night alone
Is the feeling you have before you go to a party,exited
Is holding hands for the first time
Is doing mistakes
Is learing
Youth to me,Is a happiness that hurts,a constant nostalgia .
Youth is young
Youth is old
Youth is your soul that grows
Souls don't die
and youth is endless