Emotions are tricky.

Your thoughts make up who you are and what you do. Your feelings dictate your thoughts. If you are mad you might yell, if you're scared you might run away. But it's important not to let your emotions get the better of you. Because feelings are irrational. And yeah, some feelings are good. But if you get overwhelmed by them and act irrationally then that's not good.

I've struggled with my emotions over the years, being the passionate person I am. But I like to think that I am better then I used to be. So I wanted to give you guys some tips and tricks that I've learned for dealing with them.

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One: Recognize Your Emotions

The first step to controlling how you feel is knowing how you feel! It's pretty common to feel sad without knowing exactly why, or feeling restless for seemingly no reason at all. If you recognize how you're feeling you can deal with it.

Try to make a note in a journal of how your body reacts to every emotion. Do your muscles tense when you're angry, dose your heart beat faster when you're scared? You might have to wait until you experience these emotions to write the symptoms down. But you'll figure it out in time, I promise. Once you know how you feel during each emotion you can begin to control them.

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Two: Understanding Why

Every emotion has a reason and purpose behind it. Anxiety helps keep us safe, anger gives us the energy to fight something that's wrong. When you are having an emotion you need to think about why it's there so you can break it down.

If you're scared about a bad grade, you might me be thinking that the one low score is going to ruin the rest of your life. But that's impossible so you can try to use self talk. Tell yourself that you're scared and that's normal, but there's no need to be because one bad grade or even a million can't ruin your whole life (think of all the successful drop outs like Zuckerberg or Gates.)

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Three: Avoid judging and Labels

It is very easy to beat yourself up over your emotions. You're always angry and that means you're a bad person. You think you're nagging sadness makes you lazy. But that's not true at all!!! Everyone feels emotions, constantly. Each emotion has a positive purpose. To let us know how good or bad a situation is and help make us better. Judging your emotions is only going to make you feel worse.

And if you label yourself you are going to make things worse. If you label yourself as an "angry person" or "very shy" you're training your brain to react that way in those situations. You've tricked you brain into making you angry by telling it that you're always angry. Everyone has thousands of thoughts and emotions every day. Every emotion will pass, even if it dose not always feel like that in the moment.

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Curbing Physical Responses

When your feel something your brain sends a rush of chemicals. Like we discussed earlier it will make your heart beat faster, tense your muscles etc. This can be uncomfortable, and curbing these reactions can help bring you back from the emotion.

If you're scared try to deep breathe (in for four seconds out for eight). Clamp your muscles as tight as possible for a few seconds and then release them. Try stretching or grabbing chamomile tea. If you're sad or mad try to smile anyway. You can trick your body into changing the emotion from a negative one to a positive one. At the very least you should feel a little better.

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That's all the advice I have for now. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Try to remember that you are in control of your emotions, and there is nothing wrong with them. <3