People who don't have curls don't always understand that curly hair can be show-stopping: big, bold and beautiful... But an absolute pain to manage. There is good news though: you curly girls are never alone. What's more, once you have a routine in place to manage those curls, there are an abundance of things you can do with it which straight-haired people can't do with theirs. Here we've given you a number of options to include in your daily curly hair routine to lessen those curly hair complaints.

Step one: Shampoo your hair just once a week

'Once a week!?!?' - Don't back away in disgust just yet.
The reason for this one is because over-washing curly hair can leave it dry and damaged. Furthermore, it can irritate your scalp or cause excess dandruff, which nobody wants. According to some curly girls leaving it longer than a week to wash curly can also work, for example 2-3 weeks without washing curly hair is not uncommon. Experiment with your curls and figure out what works.
When you shampoo your hair, focus on applying the product to the roots as this will ensure that any excess oil and dirt, which has accumulated from not washing it for a week, is removed. When choosing your shampoo, the best quality to look out for is a brand that hydrates your locks, keeping them from getting dry, coarse, or brittle.

Step two: Spray out those locks

Spray a de-tangling hair spray on your locks as this is one of the very best hair products for curly hair. Spray it on damp hair before using a wide-toothed comb to untangle those locks. It’s key to get the knots out of hair before you dry your hair, since brushing out dry curls creates frizzy hair and pulls apart your curls. Instead of blow-drying hair, pat your hair dry, apply a defining hair serum and then sleep with it wrapped in a microfibre towel.

Step three: Use conditioner

Conditioning your hair is a BIG MUST-DO! Conditioner keeps your hair smooth, shiny and tangle-free as it keeps it hydrated. If you’re not providing your hair moisture, the dry cuticle of the hair can lift—which is what causes frizzy hair. Using your fingers or a comb, concentrate a small amount of hydrating conditioner on the middle and ends of your curls, so as not to make your scalp greasy, then rinse it off.

Step four: Use a hair mask

Yes, that's right! Masks aren't just for faces, they're for hair as well.
The purpose of hair masks is to rejuvenate your hair, hydrate hair strands and tame that lion's mane. Hair masks also leave your locks looking bouncy and fresh. Hair masks can be purchased from most high street shops, however they are super-easy to make by using common kitchen ingredients. If you want to Do It Yourself, the most beneficial ingredients are: coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, honey and avocado which are rich in vitamins and other properties which will leave your hair shiny, healthy and are curl-friendly.

Curly hair often tends to be coarse, unruly, and frizzy. Fortunately, it does not have to be this way. A good hairstylist can help for sure!

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