It's okay to write down the qualities you look for in a man. In fact, you have to have some standards and that will prevent you from dating someone who would never treat you right.

1. Loyalty. He needs to understand that when he is in love, there is something called loyalty. Always supporting me and being there for me. Knowing his boundaries and learning to respect the relationship.

2. Honest. I cant stress this enough!!! He has to be very honest with me. If there is something he wants to do , he needs to share it with me. If he doesn't like whatever i am doing, he needs to tell me honestly. If he's going to meet someone especially if there's a girl, let me know.

3. Adventurous. I love it when he's adventurous because I love going out with the person i love. Traveling has always been something i want to do in the future.

4. If he is into art or writing, that would be sooo great! I love it when a guy has the same hobbies as i do.

5. He has to be passionate with what he does. Whether it's his job, his art or his goals.

6. Respect for women.

7. Knows how to look good and be confident.

8. Romantic.


10. Calm and knows how to be humble in every situation.