Hello world! ☁️ Today I want to do the Me in Pictures challenge, so here I am. Let's go! 🍝

s t y l e

Image by Cara outfit, body, and clothes image blue, bralette, and model image shiny, fashion, and lux image
jeans, striped trousers, pumas, converse, bralettes, white tops, jumpers, shiny jewelry and sockboots

c o l o r s

Image removed aesthetic, flowers, and pink image Temporarily removed artistic, fire, and art image
red, gold and white

p e r s o n a l i t y

Image by claudia romee strijd, model, and vogue image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
moody, i love laughing, i do many perv jokes and I take care of the others

m y p e o p l e

Temporarily removed couple, love, and kiss image movie and up image Temporarily removed
best friends, boyfriend, grandad and parents

m u s i c

beautiful man, thirty seconds to mars, and beauty image Image removed michael jackson, smile, and king of pop image rossi, vasco, and kom image
Thirty Seconds to Mars, Justin Bieber, Michael Jackson and Vasco Rossi (italian artist)

d r e a m s

Image by Victoria Odette Temporarily removed family, baby, and love image Temporarily removed
get my dream job, have a dog and kids, visit South Africa with my best friend

m o v i e s

harry potter, daniel radcliffe, and movie image Temporarily removed ariel, disney, and tattoo image bridget jones, movie, and funny image anonymous, gorgeous, and Jamie Campbell Bower image Image by Dream Girl. ❤️
Harry Potter, Bridget Jones, Anonymous, Lilo & Stitch, the Little Mermaid, Despicable Me

s e r i e s

Image removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It Inspiring Image on We Heart It Mature image
Breaking Bad, Teen Wolf, Vikings and Game of Thrones

f o o d

food porn, italian food, and pasta image food, chocolate, and nutella image Temporarily removed food, burger, and cheese image
pasta, nutella crepes, tea, hamburger
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Hope you liked it! 🗻
Lots of love ìtill next time
Fede 🖤