hi it's Laura, enjoy :)


ending a toxic relationship is so hard when you're in love with the other person, but you should never let yourself be treated poorly. always put yourself first. you might not believe it, but you're worth so much more


it's okay to cry and it's okay to be sad. it's okay to miss them and okay to wish you did something different. but never blame yourself for how things turned out. never tell yourself you cant do better and never tell yourself this is the end of the road. it's okay to fall but never okay to stay down


sex on the first date doesn't mean you're a hoe, waiting 90 days wont make you a wife, cute pics don't mean you're happy and having a title doesn't make it real


you deserve someone that'll thank God everyday for you. someone that'll treat you like a blessing and not a burden. someone that make you consistently laugh and is there to wipe your tears away. someone that shows you how much they love you instead of just saying it. don't settle


stop wasting your time on people who treat you good one day, then act like you don't exist the next day. you deserve someone who always checks on you and makes you feel special, loved, beautiful and appreciated everyday


you won't have to convince or beg the right person to be in your life. they'll appreciate and value you on their own. they'll love you for you and what you bring to the table


don't attempt to reconnect with toxic people from your past just because you're lonely. focus on getting better and attracting better


eventually, everything gets better. everyday you slowly take steps towards reaching your place of peace and happiness. one day you'll wake up and no longer be bothered by the things that upset you. people will no longer have the ability to drain or alter your energy. just wait, it's worth it


hey, i just wanted to let you know that just because you don't look like someone you think is attractive doesn't mean you aren't attractive because flowers are pretty but so are christmas lights and sunsets and they look nothing alike


you have to be enough for yourself. you have to be enough for yourself because that's all you have, yourself. people say that they will stay but at the end of the day not everyone does. they leave, so at the end of the day all you have is yourself. and that has to be good enough