hi guys, i know yesterdays post was heavy but i was, annoyed and depressed. but, i'm better now, i guess.
lately i've been seeing a few people post articles about places they want to go, so that's what i'm doing today.


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i've just always wanted to go far, far, away from family dramas and all other things that happen at home. i've talked about it for years with friends. i've been obsessed with London as long as i can remember. My auntie moved there before i was born and when she came back to brisbane for a few days every 2 or 3 years i wished i could go back with her.


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just everything about it. i just love the culture and architecture, it's just so beautiful. i really want to go there some day, again with my friends.


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it just seems like such a beautiful city, my Nan's been a few times and she says it's just so lovely.


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i've been before and i loved it so much. i love living in australia but the weather is just horrendous sometimes, and canberra wasn't constantly hot like it is in Queensland which was good.

That's, all even though it wasn't many places i'd still love to go to all of them especially with my friends, i want to travel the world someday, that's the ultimate dream, in my opinion. but right now, honestly leaving to go anywhere away from my family would be great.