Hey guys this account is going to be about lots of different things like photography, travel blogs, diys maybe even a few personal stories and lots of other subjects. I will try and write weekly articles and I hope you enjoy them. For my first Article I will be telling you a few things about myself but this blog for now will stay Anonymous. Also you can ask me different questions and I will try my best to answer them.

Let's start with a few of my favorite things. I love animals and their cute personality I have had many animals over the years and my favourite animal I have had is my dog. He is so cute and fluffy and always makes me smile even on the saddest days. A few of my favorite things to do are reading a book on the couch curled up in a nice fluffy throw blanket sipping on my favorite tea, dancing around the house or at the dance studio and last but not least I love making arts and craft and diys.

My favorite colour is aqua but I am going through a rose gold phase at the moment. I love swimming and going to the beach with my family and friends and I also have a sibling who is younger than me and is very annoying. At the moment I am experimenting with stage makeup for dance and as I am a beginner I need tips for makeup and especially about the eyes like eyeliner and eyeshadow. If you have any tips please leave them in the comment section or message me about them. So back to article, I am in high school which is middle school for some and my most-liked subjects are Art, English and Geography.

I love travelling and a few of the best places I have been to are Paris, Sweden, Barcelona and China. I am looking forward to a trip to america next year with my parents and my brother, we are going on a cruise around Alaska and a road trip from California to Seattle. I am excited to share some of my many stories from my travels around the world. I am yet to go to America but I have been to lots of places in Europe, Asia and i live in Australia. Three places that I would love to got to are India, Africa and Switzerland.

Thank you guys for reading my very first article and I hope you enjoyed it. Please send me some feedback and what you thought on this get to know me article.I had fun writing it and i can’t wait to write even more. At the end of each article I will leave you a quote that i find powerful, interging or just a quote that I think you guys would like. Hopefully my future ones will be a bit more entertaining, so until then bye for now.

“Life begins at the the end of your comfort zone.”