how i want my life to be

In a no too distant future, I would like my life to be exciting, to be full of moments and joys.

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I want to find someone who loves me and cares for me, someone who look me in the eyes and think "God thank you for putting her in my way", someone with whom to travel and to know new places and to learn new things, someone that really is my happiness and I his.

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I want to meet people who become my inseparable friends, those lifelong friends with whom you know new places and learn new things, those that make you see life in a different way, more cheerful, more beautiful, better...

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I also want to be very organized with my university, have good grades and have a job. dress well, have a lot of makeup and a healthy life; I want to graduate and get a good job, be a professional and that the love of my life is there for me and I for him in everything, I want to travel with him and get know many places.
I know that these are things that I want and that you do not always get what you want, but it's worth dreaming, right? It always seems impossible until it is done.
So I have faith that I can get to have such a life, just how I want it.