hi my beautiful readers! i apologise as i haven't been very active in posting lately but i am super excited to start writing articles again. here is a short article to keep you motivated. i know school, and life in general, can be very stressful but you need to make sure that you are keeping positive and looking after yourself. i hope you enjoy this article about how to keep motivated ✨🌙

1. a reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way.

🍒 positivity
yes, i know it is hard. even when going through the toughest times, know that it will soon pass. be positive and emit and spread positive energy. cut out toxic and negative relashionships and remeber to live your life and be happy. each morning, wake up with a smile and let yourself be happy, beacause you deserve it. maintain your happiness and be yourself.

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📝 organise
when going through exam season or a load of homework, your desk usually ends up being a huge mess! and i know from recent experience. keep your work space tidy. use a shelf to hold your work and remember to keep all your work in one place. keep a neat pencil case with your fav pens so you have it all together! when you have a clean space, you have a clean mind.

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🌿 self care
being motivated starts with yourself. be happy and live your life! you have to learn to take care of yourself. you can simply do this by having a warm relaxing bath, having your favourite snack or going for a walk. when i am about to study, i usually love to go for a walk or jog in the fresh air. maybe do your skincare routine and have a bath or shower to refresh yourself (i may write an article abt skincare ect. message me if you would like that!)

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💬 get it done
i know it is hard! maybe you are focusing on your friendships at school or what you want to eat for dinner. but write a to do list, get your books out and pick your pen up! maybe set yourself a specific goal and a reward. eg. your goal may be to summarise the whole chapter and your reward may be to watch some you tube videos! take care of yourself through the process, i believe in u!!

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thank you for reading this article loves!! i hope it helps, now go and do some work! ilysm, mia 💕